The European Union is leading the global fight against climate change, and has made it a top priority. Its ambitious targets are spelt out in the EU Climate Action and Renewable Energy Package, which commits Member States to curb their CO2 emissions by at least 20% by 2020. In order to achieve such results, we need to improve awareness about energy issues, spread the knowledge about new-energy technologies and arise a debate about the effective potential of these technologies, facing pros and cons, with a weel-balanced and horizontal dialogue between citizens, politicians, opinion-leaders, industrialist, researchers.

Over half of greenhouse gas emissions, influencing the climate change, are create in and by cities, where 80% of the population lives and works. Public and private interest must be able to integrate and give birth to sustainable projects, understanding concerns and needs of both sides.

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Energy in the North: A Canadian translation of "Energy & Sustainability" English Science Cafe hosted by Science North, Sudbury Ontario Download
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