Setting up a session of PlayDecide is very easy. It's a conversation game that requires a small group of people (4 to 8, although it works best with 5-6 people) around a table.

How to play

Each kit contains all the instructions on how to set up the game. You will need to print different set of cards on colored paper and to make a few A3 photocopies.

Click on the images below for a short introduction explaining how to play. You can also download the English instructions for PlayDecide in PDF format (2 Mb).

Why to play

Equally important to the "how to play" is the "why to play". Before using PlayDecide, like any other dialogue activity, have a clear statement of purpose: what do you want to achieve with your event? There are several reasons to engage in dialogue: from providing a direct input to a policy decision, to raising awareness for an issue. Check the inspiring stories for examples of how it has been used; having a clear statement of purpose will help you and the players enjoy the activity.