Organise debate games about important issues for rare disease patients!

We believe that patient input into the development of rare disease strategies currently developed at the European and national level is of the utmost importance.

To empower patients and representatives in becoming advocates for important rare disease policy issues, POLKA has created 6 debate games (Play Decide games) in 22 languages.

How to participate: 
  1. Create a POLKA specific account
  2. Download games in local language (click on subject, find language, click download and print according to the instructions)
  3. Organise game sessions with rare disease patients, representatives, health professionals, researchers, association board members, family and friends. (For example, on Rare Disease Day in a science museum)
  4. Upload results by creating an event and then adding sessions and results. Make sure you have first set up an account and logged in.

See the game in action!


POLKA is a project by Eurordis, Rare Disorders Denmark, Fundacio Doctor Robert and the National Commissioning Group NHS UK. It is supported by the European Commission.