This project will create unique activities which engage the public in a two ways communication channel – providing information to the general public on the last results of research (especially their specific site related with Estonian life and common fears among young parents) in the field of immunology and encouraging them to express their view and opinion on such topics by digital storytelling.

In May 2010 we will bring the open public and Virologist together for a friendly and creative day – to discuss problems related with vaccines, to enjoy the time together and to show the phenomena of vaccine and achievements of nowadays immunology.

Over the last ten years, the issue of immunology has become a very popular and at the same time problematic topic. Since vaccinating is not obligatory in Estonia anymore, young parents are free to vaccinate or not vaccinate their children. The information, news and scenarios about vaccines and new viruses and diseases have been and are still available for public through different channels: traditional and new media, urban legends and gossips. Such amount of controversial data scares young people who has access to many different sources of information. Statement - vaccines are harmful and only beneficiaries are medicine companies who can make hug profit – became a kind of growing religion. Seems like „arrogance of ignorance“ is key to happy future at liberty.

Science Centre AHHAA will give opportunity to bring concerned parents(-to-be), researchers and clinicians together in fascinating, fun and faith worthy environment. The overall strategy of the work plan stands in combining different methods.

How to participate: 

NGO Cinemabus (Kinobuss)
Kinobuss works with young people from many different social and cultural backgrounds, including those with disabilities and ethnic minority groups. Kinobuss activities support these children's creative expression and their thoughts and views of life, while teaching them new skills. Always ready for new and exciting challenges in the art of filmmaking, Kinobuss has been and continues to be involved in several local and international (European Union) projects, including "Kinobuss in Orphanages", "Kinobuss Against Drugs", "Environmental Education with Film", and "Digital Arts".

Tartu Health Care College (Tartu Tervishoiu Kõrgkool)
Tartu Health Care College gives professional higher education in the health care domain. The college has a regional importance in whole Estonia. The College educates nurses, midwives, bioanalysts, physiotherapists, radiographers, environmental health specialists, social care workers and au pairs.
The aim of the college is to be a nationally as well as internationally recognised educational institution with a contemporary learning environment focusing on the following aspects -provision of competitive vocational and professional higher education of high quality, - development of the health of the population and a healthy environment, promotion of the specialties taught at College with the support of scientific research, provision of opportunities for continuous education.

University of Tartu (Tartu Ülikool) Chair of Immunology
The Immunology Group focuses on characterization of antigenic target molecules and immunological reactions towards these targets in model autoimmune and microorganisms-induced inflammatory disorders. The general aim is to get new information about the antibody-mediated and cellular mechanisms of autoimmune disorders and to develop novel serological and molecular methods to characterize the immune responses in these disorders. One of the practical goals of the research group is to establish novel immunological diagnostic and therapy-monitoring tests usable in different clinical settings (close collaboration with different research groups and autoimmunity reference laboratory at the Tartu University Clinics)

Family Forum (
Estonian Family Forum for people interesed in topics releated with releationships, pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, baby, breast-feeding, allergies, healthy food etc. Family Forum is non-govermental and unformal website which has nearly 8000 users and 500 000 posts. It is very popular source for young parents when they can ask advises or create attitudes and make decision by choosing between different options. Communication through Family Forum is very fast and has broad audience.

Via innovations to the PlayDecide format we will try to overcome prejudice and fear and introduce the attractive vision of immunology to the Estonian people, especially young parents. Partnership between different organisations will create new constructive synergies: TÜ (professional researchers), AHHAA (science communicators), NGO Kinobuss (creative self-expression), Tartu Health Care College (practical pediatric experience) and Family Forum (informal and very efficient information interchange among young parents).

Direct dialogue with scientists and broad audience can establish a familiar and informal atmosphere and will enable the public feedback to the researchers in different science fields in Estonia.


Science Centre AHHAA Foundation, University of Tartu, Tartu Health Care College, NGO Cinema-bus, popular Estonian internet-forums Perefoorum and Netiemme