There are several ways to participate, from translating a kit to organizing events and activities.

You can:

  • Translate a kit: from the list of topics, select the language you want to translate from, and then click on "translate". You can save your kit until it's ready for publication.
  • Make a kit: to make new kits, first create a project. Then in the "project toolkit", choose "make a new kit". A project will keep all the kits organized, and will allow you and others to upload the results of the sessions played with your kit.
  • Read the manual! We've prepared a handbook that describes the process to make a PlayDecide or similar kit. It's an evolving document that contains a lot of tips and guidance on how to make a new kit. (PDF)
  • Announce an event: you can register your event and later add the results of its sessions.
  • Add the results of an event: after you've organized an event, you can upload the results. Check the list of your events, and upload the results.

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