FUND is a two-year project supported by the European Commission to stimulate the use of discussion games and other debate formats in European cities for the development of a scientific culture at the local level.

FUND supports the creation of new discussion formats and games inspired by PlayDecide and their use to address issues and topics that are important at city level; it provides traning and support to individuals and organizations that want to be active in the field of debate and discussion; and it uses a series of small subsidies to catalyse collaborations at the city level between networks, organizations and individuals who want to use debate and discussion to inform local policy.

The goal of FUND is to faciliate the take-up of participatory methods, exchange experiences and knowledge, and embed them in the ongoing activities of those actors who interface the public with the governance of science: local administrations, museums, universities, networks, associations, community groups, NGOs, public/private research organizations etc.

The partners of FUND are:

Ecsite, the European network of Science centers and museums

Sissa Medialab

nef - new economics foundation

To contact us:

The resources on this website and on the PlayDecide page on Facebook offer tools and support especially for small organizations and individuals who want to develop participatory programs and initiatives. In addition to the PlayDecide format, which is now fully customizable and which is a simple and effective starting point to introduce deliberation and participation, the discussions on Facebook are moderated by the trainers of FUND and are the perfect place to request help, share experiences and organize training sessions.

PlayDecide is inspired by Democs and was produced by the European project "Decide".